What is Alexandria genesis?

This is the question on everybody’s lips. Some tend to believe its real while others would rather call it mere fallacy. The world is yet to find one person living with the condition.
Here are a few facts/myths about this condition or better still, why the hullabaloo about it. So, where did this originate from? Many people believe that it’s a condition whereby the eyes become purple as a result of genetic mutation. The eyes change from their normal color to purple and this happens when a child is aged between one and six months of old. The condition however doesn’t affect the eye from the ability to see. Moreover, those with the condition don’t grow pubic hair, anal hair or hair on top of the head (quite weird) while women, despite being fertile, don’t menstruate. There is also a beautiful side of this condition; you get to live for 150 years! This is more like a vampire because aging also stops at 50 years. In addition, weight is no issue to these people as they do not add any but instead maintain their trim figures. This is because no matter how much they consume, the excess is not stored up as fat. This is one part of this condition that everyone of us would love to acquire. Alexandria genesis is however more common among Caucasians than it is in other races.    alexandria's genesis

So where is the origin of this Alexandria genesis?
It is believed to have originated from the ancient Egypt whereby an unfamiliar light struck Egypt and everyone who saw it developed the purple color in their eyes. This condition was later said to have appeared in England in the early 13th century when a purple-eyed baby girl was born. She later birthed other daughters with the same trait. They all lived for more than 100 years.

So, is there any scientific backup to Alexandria genesis?

According to scientists, it is impossible for;

1) Someone with extremely fair skin to not get sun burnt. This is because everyone needs a significant amount of melanin to help protect themselves from the direct UV rays of the sun. As such, alleging that there are a lot paler people living under the sun, and that they are resistant to sun-burn is evidently a lie.

2) Any living creature’s body to not produce waste products. A build up in toxins can do nothing else but cause death.

3) One to be able to live for over 150 years. Though it might have happened in the past, in the current world, it’s impossible.

4) One to have a perfectly proportioned body. This is something that’s only possible in the virtual world.

So it is possible to attain this condition naturally? No! But, with beautification e.g. wearing of purple colored contacts, dying hair black, maybe waxing and oiling the skin and plastic surgery, one can come close to it. Interestingly, it is rumored and somehow believed that Elizabeth Taylor had Alexandria genesis condition. This is solely based on the fact that she had violet colored eyes.
So, is Alexandria genesis fact or myth? The ball is now on your side.