5 ways to get rid of blackheads naturally

How to get rid of blackheads

Blackheads can be a source of embarrassment as well as being among the leading causes of low self-esteem with people worldwide. This however, should not be the case as they can be treated in a various number of ways. Below we shall look at 5 natural ways to cure blackheads.

The first step before we dive in is taken from war, which is, to know your enemy. Blackheads are a mixture of oxidized dead skin cells and oils that are in the open pores of the skin. The reason they turn black is when they are exposed to oxygen. They can appear in a range of areas such as the neck or chest but are most commonly found on the face. That being the case let us explore how to tackle this problem that affects so many people.

1. Washing and cleaning beddings 

A simple first step before going into scrubs and...

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What is an inversion table ?

Do you suffer from back pain? An inversion table might be the solution to your problem. Inversion tables are devices used to hang a person upside down. The purpose of inversion table therapy, which is not new by any means, is to help relieve back pain by decompressing the spinal discs. There is now a greater acceptance of the benefits of using an inversion table, because by reversing the gravitational pull on the joints, muscles, and organs, patients have reported an improvement in back complaints.

If you’re using an inversion table, your feet are supported and the table can be adjusted to various angles so being totally upside down isn’t necessary. Being inverted increases blood flow to the back, relaxes tense muscles, and allows the spine to straighten itself out...

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5 natural remedies for getting rid of zits

Pimples are very irritating when they appear on your face. Also known as zits, they can appear at any time. It is very annoying when they appear right before you go to a big event such as a wedding or a party. Here are some tips on how to get rid of pimples fast.

Use a mixture of cinnamon and honey to eliminate the pimples

Cinnamon and honey can be combined to provide a natural solution for pimples. A mixture of these will get rid of a pimple. Firstly, wash your face and dry it. Get a teaspoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey. Mix these up and apply them like a mask on the pimples. Go to bed with the mask on and the pimples will disappear overnight.

Whipped egg whites will eliminate the zits

Eggs are easy to get and prepare. Get 3 eggs and extract their egg whites...

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